14.02.10. This day filled with happiness and joy. The Tiger has brought me luck and love. Both of which happened on the first day of Chinese New Year (and also Valentine’s Day). These gave me hope and I see a prosperous year ahead.

The Proposal

It was Valentine’s Day, but with Chinese New Year falling on the same day, the latter overpowered. Having spent the entire day visiting and preparing/hosting the relatives at home, I was glad to spend some quiet time with Abang for dinner. Took a stroll to digest the food and that’s when the things slowly happened.

There was no fancy flowers nor expensive dinner. No drama nor exaggerated actions. It was simple, sweet and emotional. I was expecting this to happen much much later, so I was really caught in surprise when he asked it. Took me couple of seconds to absorb those words, “Will you marry me?”.

I hugged him so tightly he could hardly keep his balance, and tears of joy just kept flowing down my cheek. Really didn’t expect this to happen so soon.

I know there are still many unknown outcomes and unanswered questions. But I really want us to receive full blessings from both our families and friends, no matter which path we ultimately decides to take. I don’t need no grand wedding nor expensive gown. I don’t need no big diamond ring either. All I ask for is for true blessings and a comfy home for both of us.

The proposal may have taken place, but what’s to come next may take some time to plan and save up for. Not forgetting the many decisions which we (and our families) will have to make and accept.

Thanks to all friends and tweet folks for your well wishes!

Dates for me to remember: 10.11.03 and 14.02.10.