Did you catch Chingay 2010 on TV just now? What’s your take on it? Did you enjoy watching the parade? Having had my chance to finally watch Chingay live this year (with a ticket entrance), I was very excited while waiting for the day to come. However when I was finally there, seated at K189, the feel I was expecting wasn’t quite felt. Still it was an enjoyable night, thanks to the appearance of Kung Fu Panda, Puss in boots and the other characters from Resort World Sentosa at the finale.

Mascots from RWS at Chingay

Watching Chingay Parade to me has been an almost yearly affair. I will camp along Orchard Road, behind the barrier, to watch the pretty floats and beautiful costumes. Never had chance to witness the performances as they’re only performed at the main stages along the stretch of road. Now that I think of it, I think their first attempt at the Pit building was not quite a good one cos the stretch of road is shorter, as compared to Orchard Road. That may be why I felt very messed up. Seated in between the red and yellow zone, most of the time I hear two commentaries and music going at the same time. -_-”

Still, I must thank STB for the complimentary tickets to this year’s parade. It was quite an experience for me. The next time if I’m attending, I’ll remember the seats to grab for best view. Sharing the lookable photos taken with the Canon Powershot SX120.

Lots of lions! I like the sight!
R2D2 was marching too! So cute!!
Another highlight for Chingay? The elaborate costumes!
Must be sweating inside these. *salute* to performers!
One of the tallest float – a dreamcatcher
Kids please don’t play with fire. These are pros!
Lion birthday cake for PA’s 50th birthday! Congrats PA!
These long red things are REAL fire crackers!
Many many of the fire crackers cracking through their performance

I was screaming so damn loud and still I couldn’t hear myself! Should have just screamed all the frustration out during those few minutes! My first up-close experience with fire crackers! No wonder these are banned in Singapore. Its sooo smokey and sooooo loud! And it messes up the entire space! So not fitting into the clean and green movement we have here. *coughs* Seriously, its just pure danger lah. Worst than playing with fire.

Butterfly Lovers float
Always highlight of Chingay – The Giant Flags
Finale before fireworks – on my left
Finale before fireworks – on my right
Spotted before the parade – Vic with his new D90!
Acting silly with the pom pom provided

And I wasn’t alone! Spotted few rows down from where I was…

Weijie, Diana and me
Abang was there too! Loves!

So that’s all for my experience at Chingay 2010. Next parade to look forward to – NDP2010!!!

Photos viewable here. (I miss taking pretty photos! *HINT*)