Have you submitted you dream and photos to Sony make.believe contest already? If you’ve not, you better do so quickly! I would love to take part in this if I’m not writing this post nor owning 24seven! But then again, I’ve already made believe my dream hasn’t I? :P

If you’ve not explored the site yet, this post will give you a gist of what you’ve got to do to win those prizes! And really, its very simple! You don’t need to know rocket science to do it!

dot your dream with Sony

All you need is to write a short (250 characters) description of your dream with the word “Sony” in it. Submit this with your particulars and you’re in for the $100,000 contest!

Seriously, how tough can that be, especially when we’re already posting 140 characters everyday on Twitter. Or is 250 characters too short for you to describe your dream? If so, you’ve got to cut cut cut! Go straight to the point! Once you’ve got your point, click on “Continue” and move on to fill up these blanks…

So easy isn’t it? All it takes is a day pondering about your dream and 10 seconds to type it out, and another 30 seconds to fill in those blanks!

You’ve got up to 14 March to get your dreams submitted! After which, from 15 to 28 March, Sony will then put all the qualified dreams in a random draw and pick 8 random dreams from the pool which then be published for public voting from Apr 1 to 14. The most voted dream will be announced on 16 April!

See! Even the process of this contest is simple! If you’ve got big dreams which Sony can fulfill, especially those in line with game, movie, music or tech!

If you’ve already got your dream in mind, go submit it now at

Photo Contest

Theme for this photo contest is – Dot Your Moment

Capture the wonderful moments in your life, perhaps its the arrival of your newborn, embarking onto a new milestone in life or a joyous celebration like the gathering of families during Chinese New Year! I’m sure you’ve snapped tons of photos over the past weeks, and more to come! Since you’ve already got the photos, why not select the best and try your luck at this?

Make sure your photo is in jpeg format, and no bigger than 640 x 480 pixels, 72dpi, in RGB and less than 1MB in size. Give your photo a great title and share about it in less than 160 characters, this description, which by the way is optional. Aiyoh! This one even easier lah! You’ve got till 14 March 2010 to submit your photo!

Unlike the first contest above, this will be judged by a panel of judges. Based on the theme, technical quality and composition, creativity and general aesthetics of the submitted photos, the best 25 pieces will be selected and opened to public for voting.

If you are one of the final 25, you’ve got to go tell all your friends about it and get them to vote for you! You don’t want to miss the chance to fly to South Africa for the FIFA World Cup!

On 16 April, you will find out who are the final 8 who’ll be flying to South Africa!

Quick go find your best photos and submit it to…