Lunar New Year is just around the corner, and the traditional auntie inside me is shouting reminders of all the must-do things. One of which is to do a “Huat ah!” on the 4th day of Lunar New Year with my team in the office. And according to Mum, the auspicious hours to do it is between 11am to 3pm. So we’ve decided to gather and have our CNY lunch at the office.

The nearest place with decent Yu Sheng for that day for me is Sakae Sushi at Heartland Mall. So today, I placed my orders for our CNY lunch from Sakae Sushi.

Ordered the medium “Rong” Yusheng with extra serving of Salmon Sashimi

For lunch that day, we’ll also be having Gouka Set and Salmon Sashimi platter. Team 24seven is going to have an overdose of salmon that day! Hohoho!

Besides ordering the Yusheng and sushi platters for our CNY lunch, I’d my dinner there too. Thanks to Sakae Sushi, I’ve got my Sakae VIP card! (Disclaimer: the CNY lunch was paid from my own pocket.)

Thanks for this Sakae!

(Yap! Yours truly is selected as one of the Sakae e-Journalists!) So expect to see regular postings of my mini-adventure with all the various Sakae outlets.

So for dinner, we started with our usual orders…

Kani Chawanmushi @ $2.29

Salmon Karaage @ $2.29

Salmon Sashimi @ $5.59

And then we tried something new (to us)…

Sazae Yaki @ $5.59

Sazae is a kind of snail, which I presume is a similar kind as the escargot. I’ve never tried any form of Sazae before, so I don’t know how it should taste. This one was a tad too hard to chew.

Dragon Roll @ $8.99

This I’ve been eyeing for long time, but never the thought of giving it a try. Cos I’m cheapo! Wahahahahaha! Tempura prawn (super long if its a whole piece of prawn in this roll) wrapped with sushi rice and avocado. This one roll is good to fill my tummy (its shrinking!), good thing I’ve got Abang to share it with. Taste is not bad, feels good to eat with avocado goodness.

To end off a hearty dinner, we’ve got our favorite Lychee Mochi!

Lychee Mochi @ $2.29

Next stop with Sakae? Perhaps I’ll go try their Teppanyaki! Diana went, and it looks not bad!