It’s been about 6 months since I brought him home from SPCA. And we’ve formed quite a unique bond since I see him almost every day. Because I spend more waking hours in the office than at home, Yuniko lives in a window-free room filled with lots of human love.

From the small and skinny kitten, he has grown so fat and cuddly. I blame it on my constant pampering him with food so often right from the start. Good thing he is now learning to control his diet and stops eating once he’s filled. (I think)

When I’m alone in the office with him over the weekends, I something wishes that he will be able to respond to my words. I know he can feel my emotion and knows when I’m not my usual self. He will come near to show his affection when I’m laying down.

I love it when he wraps his legs around my wrist and fall asleep just like that.

I may be evil to him at times, like pushing him away when he interrupts me while I’m rushing proposals, or putting him at a corner as I needed more space on my desk, and sometimes trying to leash him up so that we can have our meal in peace. But these things will never stop me from loving him. He’s to adorable to be hated.

If this cat of mine can talk, what would he be telling me? Well, guess I’ll never know. Though he can’t talk, but I try to read his mind through his actions. And then translate it on his Twitter account or through his Tumblr blog. So if you want to know what cute Yuniko is talking about, go check them out.

Can’t wait for him to come home with me for Chinese New Year! Yes! Yuniko the meow will be home for a week! Hope he don’t pee on my bed like the last time he visited. *fingers crossed*