We were on a Sakae Sushi fever couple weeks ago. Imagine Sakae Sushi three days in a row! Almost had a forth but we couldn’t find one where we were that night. Day 1 was at Heartland Mall outlet, Day 2 at Rivervale Mall and Day 3 at Compasspoint.

Having dinner at the same place for three days gave us the temptation to order different food on each day. So no usual orders for us. (Well, except a few lah!) Here are the new variety of food we ordered, and couple of our favorites…

Hiyashi Ramen, $7.99

My first experience with the cold ramen, Hiyashi Ramen, was a pleasant one. With the humid weather outside, this cold ramen helped cool me off. Why didn’t I order this earlier? Its so crunchy and sweet. Loves the mixed of vegetables, eggs, noodle and the special sauce (which I think is the same one as their Sashimi Salad). Will surely order it again! Furthermore this ramen has got the ‘Healthier Choice‘ symbol (HCS)!

From HPB’s site…
Products carrying HCS are generally lower in fat, saturated fat and sodium, and some are also higher in dietary fibre and calcium as compared to similar products of the same category.
Spicy Hotate Kimuchi Soup, $7.99

If you want something soupy and hot, give this spicy soup served in stone bowl a try. Its not bad for a cold day, or when feeling chill. The bowl was filled with lots of vegetables, mushrooms, hotate (scallop) and japanese glass noodle (I think that’s what it’s call).

Renkon Chips, $2.29

These we cannot stop munching! We had 4 plates of these during those two days. Though the standard varies from one outlet to another, but still its good! Who needs potato chips when we’ve got renkon chips! Can Sakae sell these in packets please?

When one cannot decides what to eat for dinner, one should just order a bento! That’s what I did on our third night at Sakae Sushi. We ordered the Deluxe Bento at $16.99. It comes with six dishes, rice and miso soup.

This set is good to share for two. In the bento, it consists of potato salad, three pieces of sashimi, chuka kurage, teriyaki salmon, soft-shell crab and ebi tempura.

Ika Kimuchi, $8.99

This is good!! Never judge a dish by its look! Abang was shocked at first when it was served, but after tasting it, he loves it! This grilled Ika is spicy, and taste great with the kimuchi. This goes into our to order again list! Hope they’ll keep this in the new menu, which will be released in March 2010! I can’t wait!

Not sure if this is a preview or a test item for their new menu, the waitress asked if we would like to give this a try. When she try to explain what this dessert was, we had problem understanding, but decided to just give it a try. We expected a pudding or soup like dessert, but it came like this…

Caramelized Sweet Potato Sticks, (price forgotten)

This has got to be eaten immediately upon serving, cos once the sugar coating gets cold and harden, eating it is going to be a challenge. Like the taste and and texture of this. But after couple of it, I get tired of eating. You know those food where you eat a little is fine, but too much of it just makes you sick? Ya! That’s the feeling lah. This dessert is good to be shared among 3-4 friends with sweet tooth!