Last Sunday was Minmin day! We didn’t get to see her in January, so Abang and I were both looking forward to it. She’d grown since the last time we saw her. Still as cute and adorable! She came to give me a hug once she saw me. Love this feeling! Hope she misses us as much as we miss her.

Fetched her in town, so we had our lunch before heading home. She was hooked to Abang’s iPod touch while waiting for food to be served. The applications and UI of the iPod /iPhone is so easy to use, Minmin didn’t need any help with it. She knew exactly what to do with it the moment she held it in her hands. Navigating through the pages of apps, starting one and using it.

When we reached home, she wanted to go to the playground. Something which we’d not done for many years. After she changed and ready to play, the playground was packed with much younger kids. I think she’s a little shy to go, so we headed over to the park nearby and spent almost an hour there. Just nice the weather was great that day!

Minmin was enjoying herself running around the park, climbing, swinging and just relaxing on the bench. I wonder if she gets to play like that when she’s not with us. Seeing her playing makes me happy.

She had to try every exercise station at the park. She will go read the instructions printed and then carry out the steps. So cute lah watching her run to and back from the instructions board!

She also tried doing some sit-ups. Her first attempt wasn’t very successful. I did a demo on the right position to start and how to pull oneself up. She watched me do it once and she was able to do it on her own.

The next time we spend time together, we’ll be playing some hoops! Some jumping and running will do her health good. I need to go get a basketball!

Minmin, come visit us soon ok? We miss you already!

Love you girl!