“Fun is fun, where got harmful or harmless one?” And you’re wrong! Something which to you may be fun, but to others it may be a very painful experience. I can so list down 101 fun that may seem harmless but is very harmful in actual fact.

Picture this… Party with tons of booze, horny guys and sexy gals. Uh-huh… you get where I’m heading to right? Worst if an attached guy gets involve with the girlfriend’s best friend! And… and… she gets pregnant!! Wah!! Damn drama already can! But that’s how true life can get! Ask around, if you’ve got friends old enough, they’ll sure have some similar stories to share.

So are these kind of fun still fun to you?

No, I’m not saying that I’ve done anything naughty! I’m just sharing a new online drama which is taking place right now at notsosecretlives.com. Not going to tell you more else I’m going to let the cat out of the bag!

Just go check the site out and follow the drama! Participate in the discussions on facebook and take your stand on who you think has committed the sin in “Crossroads”.