I’ve always wanted a flip cam. But haven’t quite found a need to get one. One day someone came along and asked if I would like to loan me the Sony Bloggie a try, I thought it’ll be good to see if I really need one compact video camera.

SONY Bloggie

Tried shooting it in different environment and my conclusion as follow…

  • Shoots well in daylight (most cameras does)
  • Doesn’t handle macro (close-up) well
  • Face detection works even in low-light recording
  • Doesn’t handle low-light or shooting a night as well as I hope
  • Likes the 270-degree swivel lens, I can do self-video/cam whoring better

Here’s a short clip of random compilation of videos I took with the Sony Bloggie. (Its really very random! Don’t say I didn’t tell you!)

As for the camera as a whole, here are some pointers noted:

  • Took me (and many of us) awhile to figure out how to shoot/ record! We were trying to find a shutter button. But in fact just need to press and hold the camera/video button! (Perhaps we’re just too used to the DSLR cameras)
  • Media from the memory stick doesn’t get detected when I tried plugging the Bloggie (via the USB arm) into my MBP. Not sure if it’ll work on PC though. So a card reader is used to get the media out.
  • Limited features to play with. (Seriously, I’ve more fun shooting with my iPhone.)
  • Camera though in 5MP, I failed snapping non-shaky shots! Perhaps its just me again?

Couple of test shots with the SONY Bloggie…

Blur Ice Mint Tea (Not I’m not drank when taking this)
Blur Sotong (No pun intended)
Shot with the 360-degree lens attachment (Ermm…)

If you’re keen to see more of this bloggie, play this video…

At least their TVC is true, it works good in daylight. Try find one official TVC for this that’s done in the night or at low-light.

And here’s how the 360-degree video recording works… you’ll need to convert the video after recording to see it!

Before Converting

After Converting

Pretty cool doing this 360-degree thing. But with price tag of $399, I’ll give this a miss.

Sorry Bloggie.