Well almost! The fire was close, and almost sent some sparks flying towards my face. But it was for a great dining experience, one that I’d not have for long time.

Dining with fire wor!

The last time I had Teppanyaki dinner was more than a decade ago. After seeing the lobster on Diana’s blog, I cannot help but go try it too! (Yap! She’s got great influence to me!)

So dinner at Sakae Teppanyaki we went…

Our Teppanyaki Chef that night

One fun thing about dining at Teppanyaki is being able to see the chef whipped out your dinner on the hot plate. His swift movements makes cooking look so easy. All you’ll need is oil, butter, garlic, special sauce and pepper! Kinda like BBQ right? But one thing I dislike is the after-smell stuck on the hair and clothes. But well, go after a run! Problem solved! (Cos we’ve got to suffer after also mah! Hiak! Hiak!)

The set we ordered is for two person. Yap, all two portion! But only one lobster. :( This set comprises…

Unagi Brown Rice

There’s two portion of rice. So I picked the one in menu, the Unagi Brown Rice and he picked his favorite Garlic Fried Rice. Both equally tasty.

Garlic Fried Rice
Tofu Steak

This one came a tad different from what I expected. Compare this with the one on D’s post, hmmm… perhaps different location got different kind of tofu. D’s tofu looks better though. You see…

Wait!! Going through her post and mine, I think our sets are different wor! Her salad got salmon sashimi! And her vegetables are mushrooms!! *WAAAAAAA* OR did she order ala carte dishes too??? Anyway, moving on… continue with what’s in the set dinner…


The vegetables I got was lots of fried bean-sprouts! *sob*


This one I think might be overcooked a little. Quite tough to chew on.

How come your lobster set all vegetables one? Where’s the seafood?? Well, I’m saving the best for last mah… LOL!

Cuttlefish (Or are these call Sotong?)

This is my favorite seafood, besides crab and lobster, so I ate everything up! No complain. And finally the lobster…

Lobster with salad sauce
Lobster, steamed
Product of fire – yummy lobster miso soup!

One lobster in three cooking method and taste. All are yummy! Love this part of the dinner most!

This two person sharing set is priced at $62.99. Only available for dinner (according to the website).

Not knowing that the set portion is that much, the *act-smart* me ordered additional ala carte too!

Ala Carte – Bamboo Clam ($8.99)

This one has too much garlic for my liking. But its bamboo clam! Still good lah!

Enoki Mushroom ($3.99)

My favorite mushroom! Forced these all down even though the set was very filling already.

Dinner at Sakae Teppanyaki (Century Square) was good. Chef at our counter was pleasant to the eye too. This is important ok! You don’t want bad scenery to disturb your dinning experience right? *coughs*

This meal was partial paid with my Sakae VIP card. Thanks to Sakae Sushi! Next stop, the pasta shop at Wheelock perhaps?