After months of waiting, finally the new menu is out! With new color plate pricing and new items in the menu. I gave some of the new items a try…

This is their new menu

Organic Green Tea

Not sure if the green tea was organic before, but this sure tasted different from that. Less taste in my opinion. Prefers the old green tea. But guess that’s the sacrifice one has to make for healthier choice.

Ni Hotate with Tobiko @ $3.99

This combination is lovely. All of my favorites on a single plate. But I wish the hotate was thicker and fresher.

Aburi Salmon Maki @ $3.99

Salmon sushi with taste of burned charcoal. That’s the impression left in my mind. Rolled with cucumber and pickle inside. Making the usual salmon sushi chewable.

Tenno Gozen @ $18.99

This set comes with beef hotplate, tempura moriawase, lobster salad tofu, mini udon and Sakae chawanmushi.

Hotplate filled with vegetables and shrooms

The hotplate is shallow and comes with just enough sauce (or soup) that is just sufficient for cooking the plate of beef.

Fresh beef for hotplate
Lobster Salad Tofu

This can be found as an ala carte order in the new menu. At $3.99 too if I remember it. Cold tofu with mixed of lobster salad and crab meat in between. Topped with diced mango and has got layer of miso paste sauce at the base. Strong salted taste from the sauce compliments the blunt tofu pretty well. Just don’t go licking the miso on its on! It was a tad over for me. But goes well as a whole.

These are just some of the new items in Sakae Sushi’s new menu. They’ve updated their online version too! Now comes in flip book style.

This meal is partially paid with my Sakae VIP card, thanks to Sakae Sushi e-Journalists program.