Happened to be at Sentosa on the day for Universal Studio Singapore’s soft launch. Without a ticket, we thought we wouldn’t have a chance to enter, but we still went ahead for a walk around Resort World Sentosa.

Universal Studio Singapore

There was a long queue outside the entrance in the late noon. Wonder if those folks got to go on all the rides before the theme park closes at 6pm. (Which we didn’t know when we were there.) We hang around nearby and visited Hershey’s Chocolate World, had our dinner at Chili’s and was about to leave the place. This was when we saw no queue at the entrance and people were going in and out of Universal Studio without showing any tickets! Oh! It’s open to public after 6pm! (At least that was what happened that night!) Hope this is how they roll! Everyone can then enter to shop and dine and check out the interesting buildings in there.

Shrek the Star Character
The Darkroom

Here’s where you can get your photos printed. I think here’s also the place where you can buy and pick up shots of you taken around the theme park by their official photographers. I like the big camera which is cleverly integrated as the window display!

Universal Studio Store

In here you’ll be able to buy gifts and stuff from Universal Studio. Was expecting the prices to be non-pocket friendly, but true is, the items sold in there are very affordable! No wonder every shopper in there went crazy that day!

I’ve got my eyes on three items from there, but didn’t get them in the end. First is this t-shirt…

If it was “2-4-7” printed on it, I would have gotten it immediately! You know why don’t you? :P The other thing I wanted was this Betty Boop comb. Cute right?

Lastly its this zodiac pin. I’m sucker for such pins, but from my memory, all the pins I bought over the years had just recently ended up in the trash bin. So I’m controlling my impulse buying behavior! Its a bad bad habit I MUST kick!

Other building I caught on my camera was this…

Can’t recall what’s inside though. But it looks like a theatre or sort. Anyone know?

Just before we left the place after the fireworks display, I saw these and wished I can put them in my house! I like these retro looking display! If you think you can buy newspaper off these, then sorry, these are fakes.

Here’s the fireworks display we waited 30minutes for…

Well it was worth the wait. We almost missed the show cause we didn’t know about it till we exited the place and was on the way to the sentosa express station when we saw the sign with show details! It’s the one and only one that’ll be happening. So well, at least I witnessed a piece of history at Universal Studio Singapore! LOL!

Can’t wait to go to the theme park for the rides!