“Tweet! Tweet!” I’ve came to become a huge giant bird after I started consuming Avalon Detox capsules. Mum started taking Avalon since more than a year ago. She kept asking me to eat it too but I’m such a lazy person when come to regular consuming of vitamin pills or detox pills like this one.

But when Mum brings one pill to me every night before she sleeps with cup of water, what other reason should I give not to take it? So I’ve been eating one Avalon capsule a day for the past 4-6 months (I think). Did it help me the way it should? I’m here to share with you how it had helped with my dieting… “My rebirth of wellbeing…

Disclaimer: This is NOT an advertorial nor a sponsored one. In fact, my mum and I had spent much money on Avalon Detox, and I’m sharing this because I’m seeing the effects in me.

Since young, I had been having problem with my digestive system. I had problem letting go what I ate, sometimes for as long as an entire week. No matter how much I eat nor drink, nothing seemed to want to get discharged. My family tried lots of methods and gave me all kind of stuff to help improve the problem. But nothing quite worked. Up till I grow up, my bowel release hasn’t been regular too. Not till I started taking Avalon Detox.

Like what it stated, its a detox capsule. The first week of consuming it, my body was going through this crazy detox period. Everything I eat, I shit. And when I say shit, its the LS kind of shitting k! I know this is disgusting to say, but that’s the fact, just in case you go try and find something wrong. It’s not. That’s what happened to my mum too.

For the whole week, I shitted like no tomorrow! Bombed the toilet after every meal and oh-my-goodness the smell!!! *faints* LOL! Over the years our body has been collecting toxic and without proper diet and release, our body keeps all the toxic inside. So this initial period with Avalon Detox was the start of total detoxifying. I felt “cleaner” after the first week.

Once my body has been totally cleaned out, that’s when the detox process gets regulated. And the time spent in the toilet lessen. But if you eat too much food at a go, you’ll have to make the dash shortly after the meal. So this helps me to control my food intake and give only what my body needs me to. This also prevented me from going for buffet meals!

Now I’m able to release my bowels daily and with my regular runs, I am slowly living a better healthier life. Though with both detoxing and regular exercising, I’m still not losing the fats I want to. May be due to the irregular meal time and late nights.

Seeing the results of Avalon Detox capsules, I’m considering their latest release of the Avalon Fat Burner capsules. Saw it in store couple of times and was tempted to get it. But at $99 for 1 month supply (60 capsules), I’m still considering it. If anyone of you tried it and sees effect, please let me know!

I want to lose the fats! >.<