Just a quick update before I shower and catch some sleep…

I’ve decided to separate my personal life with my professional life. (I’m trying to.) First baby step is to separate my rumblings and personal shoutings and professional related sharing digitally.

If you’re business partner, client, potential client/ partner, social media junkies, blogging kakis or anyone related in my professional role as director at 24seven, storyteller at claudia.sg or editor at blogpress.sg, please follow me (@claudia10) on Twitter or add me on Linkedin.

If you’re a friend, family, relative or people who cares (and I care about you too), please add me as friend on facebook. That’s where I’ll be sharing my personal stuff.

If you’re my blog reader, please join Claudia Lim “Fan page” in Facebook. I’m in midst of developing that sad looking page right now. Please be patient. Really… something more happening will take place there soon! So go “Like” Claudia Lim first. (That sounds -_-“)

So there, you’ve been directed to the right channel to get the right kind of things you want to know about or from me.

Now… where’s my sleep….