Having dine at Sakae pretty often for the past few months, I always tell myself to try something new from their menu at each visit. So this month, I tried two of their Mentaiyaki dishes.

Hotate Mentaiyaki, $12.99

Had the first piece with the full load of mentai on the hotate, and I regretted. The second one I popped in my mouth was covered with just half of the mentai spread. Would have been better if the mayo mixed in it was lesser.

Butterfly Mentai, $5.99

Got to eat these while its still hot. Let it cool off and you’ll regret. Butterfly (ebi) was crispy and nice.

Have to warn you first… Too much Mentai on the same day isn’t recommended! The Mentai (if I’m not wrong) is made up of hot-pepper flavored cod roe and mayonnaise. It gets a little “sick” if one have overdose of it. So eat moderately!

Sakura Ebi Tofu, $5.99

This is my favorite out of the three! Fragrance and crunch from the Ebi taste great with the soft tofu! Got to eat this while its hot for that punch! And remember not to let the piece get too soaked in the seasoning if you want the crunch. This have overtook my order for Fried Tofu when I feel like tofu-ing. :P

This meal is partially paid with my Sakae VIP card, thanks to Sakae Sushi e-Journalists program.