During his March school term break and both of us needed to get away from the stress at work for awhile and spend quality time together. So we had an impromptu getaway to Sentosa. And we rediscovered the fun things we can do at this small “island”! Now we’re planning for one more in December! Who says going on holiday has to fly? We just drive! Or you can just ride the SEX in! Ya… Sentosa EXpress from Vivo!

While we planned this trip, we didn’t know that it was also the soft opening for Universal Studio. When we knew about it, we thought we’ll be stuck in major jam going into Sentosa. Glad that didn’t happen. Traffic was smooth and the place wasn’t as packed as we thought.

We didn’t get chance on the first day to dip into the cool pool at Siloso Beach Resort. The waterfall is enticing us to get in there quick.

And our initial plan to go on a mini-adventure with rides on the Luge and Segway wasn’t fulfilled since the sky didn’t give us the chance to. It rained the entire day while we were there. Most part of the day was spent watching cables in the room and short walk along the beach when we thought the rain stopped. But it poured shortly after we started our walk. *sobz*

Not wanting to go back to the room and watch boring cables, we took the Sentosa Express to Resort World in the late noon. That was when our exploration started! If you’d missed my previous post, check what we did at RWS that night!

With just a few hours on day 2, we woke up as early as we could, had our breakfast and met a cute friend…

Then the rest of the morning was spent in the cold cold pool.

Just a one day getaway was too too short. I want to wake up with view of the beach more often. When will our next getaway be?