So I tweeted, on a Sunday morning, while I was still lazing in bed refusing to get my ass out of bed. But it was at that moment where the inspiration and idea came to mind.

After four years of blogging or what I call story sharing, I was feeling tiresome doing the same thing. Though there are the occasional urge to share what I did over the weekend and all, but those are shared in mini-blurbs on the other blog of mine. With the battlefield I fight daily at work, I find it even more challenging to maintain a blog like I used to.

I’ve always got thoughts and point of view which I want to voice out here, but when I finally get some time to sit and type, all these points just disappeared. Like I’d said before, I would really really love to have a gadget to record everything I have in mind and put them in written notes. That’ll be ultra cool! Till the day someone knock on my door with that power device, I could only wish.

So that Sunday morning, a thought of this monthly thinggy came to mind. It has been something which I’d wanted to do all these while, but never really set my mind to. So now that I’m going to set aside a few days each month to get this mini-project of mine going, I’m excited about the possibilities!

Before I slowly unveil this thinggy, I would like you to make a guess. What do you think this ReFresh! of mine will be? ReFresh! may not be the name I’ll be using, just a generic noun to call this monthly thinggy. (ReFresh! sounds better than the monthly thinggy right? The latter sounds like… “Aiyah… my monthly thinggy is here!”)

Go ahead, make a guess…

By the way, the above mini poll is created with the Seashellapp, which is created by one of my inspirational people on earth, Jon. I’ve been using his other creation, Peashootapp for almost a year, and I’m loving it still! Go give these cute and useful apps a look see?

Now back to my drawing board for this monthly thinggy/ ReFresh! I’m masterminding… *coughs*