Having watched Hannah Montana by accident, and loving the show in the end, makes me think otherwise when it comes to teen movies like these. So is The Last Song as good? Well, personally I prefer the bubbly Miley and plot for Hannah Montana. The Last Song was kinda predictable, but the message behind is still heart warming and yes… I cried the second half of the show.

With Father’s day round the corner, this movie may be a call for everyone to give that little more attention and effort in understanding and learning about their father (and mother and everyone you love!). Though main part of the movie focuses on the relationship between Ronnie (Miley Cyrus) and Will (Liam Hemsworth), how they both discover about one another and their family. The movie eventually wraps up to show how the distance between a father and daughter is drawn closer because of love.

One of my favorite parts in the movie is the hatching of the Loggerhead Sea Turtles. I once read somewhere that this is a rare scene and happens only once every year I think. Being able to capture this rare sight must have been a bonus for The Last Song crew. Especially when there’s no room for any NGs! You cannot put the turtles back into their shell after they come out can you?

I would have liked the movie more if there were more singing. I’m fan of musical-like shows you see. :P

Have to say Jonah (Bobby Coleman), Ronnie’s younger brother was gooood. He stirred up quite a lot of laughter and giggles in the cinema filled with mostly youths. (I’m Lao-Youth!) Could he be the up and coming Macaulay Culkin? Hmm… we will have to see.

Ending this movie review with the trailer for The Last Song…

The Last Song, now in cinemas near you. J

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And no, I’ve not read the book by Nicholas Sparks. So don’t come tell me what I missed or don’t wish to know. J