Couple of questions that keeps popping up in my mind, Why are people around me telling me that I inspire them? and Why do they tell me that I’m more than an expert in the field than I think I am?. These kept me thinking. I never want to see myself as a social media expert. I do things because I want to, because I am interested in doing it, and because I believe I can do better. No one moment I’ll think I’m an expert in anything. More often, I’ll tell someone that I’m a “jane-of-most-trades“.

Then I chanced upon “The 12 Types Of “Social Media Experts” – Which One Are You?” by Rohit Bhargava, then I discovered why I’m known as who I am today. Let me break it down…

According to the post, there are 12 types of social media experts. So which am I?

  1. The Pretender – Nope.
  2. The Trainer/ Teacher – Yes, I was a teacher and I love sharing about my experiences and knowledge, I’ve done training for NDP09 and NDP10 new media team/blogging and I’ve also done some sharing at workshops/ camps. So I guess I’m 30% “the trainer”.
  3. The Professional Speaker – I can’t speak like a pro! You know me! I’ve got terrible stage fright. So nope, 0%.
  4. The Content Curator – I’ve been keeping bookmarks of my readings on tumblr, and used to try run some other blogs to consolidate interesting posts of certain topics, but those got killed after I started my journey as an entrepreneur. In progress is something which I hope to launch in couple months time, but till that happens, I shall not reveal. So hmm… I’m 15% a content curator.
  5. The Event Organiser – This I think I’m 50% of! Having ran gigs with TDM, SMB|SG, Tweet Tuesday, Barcamps etc etc, I think I’m playing a huge role as the organiser for social media gigs here. Agree?
  6. The Community Manager – I used to be one, and I’ve always wanted to build my own community of folks with similar passion and interests, but aren’t buying enough time to do it. But I do help few clients manage theirs, so guess besides work, I’m 10% still an active community manager in my own personal way I guess.
  7. The Content Creator – Only have got 5% of me for this blog where I create my own content, so yes, I’m one still. Cannot stop creating content imo. If I’ve more time and energy, I would love to create lots of content! Anyone wants to volunteer to help? We can talk!
  8. The Marketing Strategist – That’s what my team and I are doing right now isn’t it? Can I give 100% to it? Hmm… personally I think I’m 20% to 35% of this?
  9. The Designer/ Builder – 0.5%
  10. The Networker/ Connector – I keep having folks SMS-ing/ emailing me to ask for so-and-so hp/email etc, and I love meeting people and connecting with them in paths that we crossed. So I’m 14%?
  11. The Evangelist – Hmm… I organise events because I believe in the objectives and purposes in driving more awareness of the topics, I create content so that I can promote and create more believers… so does that makes me an evangelist? Guess I deserve to be 10% of this.
  12. The Entrepreneur – *Ahem!* 101%.

Now what’s my total percentage so far? LOL!

Claudia is doing too many things and wanting to achieve too much. She needs to cut down and focus. But can she do it? She’s a jane-of-many-trades remember?

What about you? Which type of social media experts are you?