In June last year, I discovered the pretty and functional Sony Walkman NWZ-W202. And this year, they released an improved version of it with the NWZ-W252!

To me, the most amazing thing is the fact that this MP3 player is water-resistant. The folks at Sony actually dipped the Walkman into a bowl of water to proof that to us. This means you can now wash your MP3 player after a sweaty run! And please for goodness sake, don’t go throw the Walkman into your washing machine or bucket with detergent! It’s only water-resistant not water-proof! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Having used the first gen of this wearable Walkman, I’m happy that this now not just give me full freedom of movement, I can safely run under the rain if I have to with my music still playing. Feel like doing a “Singing in the rain”? You can now! :P

Other cool features of the Sony Walkman NWZ-W252 includes:

  • Easy transfer with Windows Media Player or iTunes
  • 3 Minutes quick charge for 90 minutes of music on the go
  • Fully charged it for one and half hour and get up to 11 hours of playback! You can do marathon with this you know! (I think Kris should get one!
  • The improved ZAPPIN! This lets your preview the chorus of the next track for 4 seconds and when you got what you want, ZAP out and it’ll play the music from the start.
  • Jog lever control gives you easy access to your music in their folders. Previously we’ve to scan through music individually, but now we can skip through folders! Time to organise my music for my run!

Retailing at S$129 at a SONY Style store near you.

Now I need to go get the carrying case for my Lime Green Sony Walkman!

Spot me jogging with my Lime Green Sony Walkman! I’ll gladly lend you for a spin as long as you remember to wash it before returning! And you got to promise you’ll return after trying! :P