Finally I experienced my very first flash mob! Having missed a few of these actions I was determined to go for this. But I’ve to admit that the lucky draw (with 3 iPad up for grab) was a main pull of course! Though I didn’t win any of the iPads, I had a fun day walking and sweating together with Abang. :P

Young and happening people @ #liveitup2010

There were three starting points for The Great Audio Experience, and I was with group that started off from SMU Green. We were given an iPhone-look-alike radio receiver which I thought was pretty cool.

Our #liveitup2010 radio receiver
That’s when TGAE begins…

Through the radio we got instructions for the various flash mobs. (Which I think turned out to be a flash walk instead.) We walked a whole round about SMU and then arrived back at about the same spot for next round of instructions. And then we walked and walked and walked again… Watch the video and you’ll know what I mean…

At our destination @ outside Plaza Singapura

Finally after about 30-45 minutes of walking and sweating and ermm… doing silly things, we reached the final stop. And here the party began.

Everyone gathered for TGAE Party

There were performances, band gigs and lucky draw that took place through the evening till 10plus at night. Quite an overshot from the original plan to end at 9pm! Too many bands playing too many songs. Didn’t stay for any performances except for one…

Black Diamond Ninjas

First heard them perform live at Hat-py Party last year, and now a much bigger and more powerful one at #liveitup2010. Have to admit I’m not a big fan of loud music, but compared to the other two I heard that night, BDN is much better than the rest. No I’m not being bias. Ending off with some shots I took with

It was HOT! HOT! HOT! *sweat*
BDN’s vocalist – Kiyoko
Only shot I got with all BDN members

Highlights of Black Diamond Ninjas’ performance recorded while the battery in my Canon Powershot SX210 IS still lasted…

And here’s the song Black Diamond Ninjas wrote for World No Tobacco Day (31 May 2010).

Find out more about Black Diamond Ninjas at their fan page in facebook!

Few more photos before I click on publish post… first an unglam shot of me with young and cute Shawn

Unglam and WRONG angle of moi! :(
Vic living it up without lighting it up
The Great Audio Experience is brought to you by the Health Promotion Board X breathe