We often complain that 24-hr a day isn’t sufficient. We want more time so that we can do more things in a day. With only a pair of hands, eyes and legs, there’s just so much one can accomplish in 24-hr. With the increase in awareness of what 24seven is capable of producing, my team and I often see ourselves running and chasing for time. We can never get enough time to do the things that are required of us. When we think tasks were completed for the day, clients and partners flood our inboxes with emails again.

We aren’t complaining of course! This is good sign isn’t it? Being the chief of the team, I need to ensure that my team gets a balance of work and play. So how then can I do more with the same amount of time within a day? I pay.

A friend keeps reminding me that one can never buy back lost time. But one can always pay for more time. So true right?

I may soon have to do just that after I formulate an appropriate equation for the things to be done vs the amount of spare cash that I can put aside to buy my team more time.

If you have spare time to sell, let me know. Maybe your time is just what my team and I need. :)