Never in my life I’d thought of riding in a military vehicle! But I actually did! A pretty damn cool one I must say! I was riding inside the Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle at the Media Event for NDP2010 Mobile Column line-up.

The Terrex ICV raises the combat effectiveness of the infantry forces with its superior capabilities in networking, protection, mobility and firepower. With its onboard Battlefield Management System (BMS), it can call upon the firepower of other land and air platforms such as the Leopard Main Battle Tanks and Apache Attack Helicopters. It is also networked with soldiers equipped with the Advanced Combat Man System (ACMS).

WAH!!! That’s a mouthful of names and jargon! But its damn cool riding inside the Terrex! I was told this is one of the latest model and equipped with cooling system to enhance the comfort of our infantry forces. The ride was smooth and not as uncomfortable as I’d thought.

For safety reasons, we had to put on the heavy helmet! I look so o.o in it lah! But safety first! Round and ugly, but still must camwhore for memory sake! Wahahahaha!

We did the route that the mobile column will be doing on National Day at the Padang. When we arrived at the Padang, we could hear the fanfare from inside the tank and boy the excitement was exhilarating! Imagine riding past the Padang on the actual day! (No I won’t be inside the Terrex come 9 Aug! I’ll be seated at the spectator stand watching the show! YEah!)

With me in the Terrex was James.

All these opportunities were made possible by the great, hardworking and pretty cute guy – Joel! He’s always working behind the scene and rarely spotted in the frontline. So I’m going to post his photo up here for all to see his cuteness (cuter in person though)! Wahahahahahaha! @eevonng and @molemole will surely agree with me! :P Presenting…. Joel…

Ending this short post with a video… preview of what to expect on August 9 at the heartland near you!