So I had a shoot for a magazine today and its the first time (after more than 10yrs) a make-up artists did his magic on my face. And I couldn’t stop tearing because much was done on my eyes. He told me to practice more so that I’ll eventually stop tearing. Don’t think that’ll ever happen! My eyes are just too sensitive!

So here’s for the first time, you’ll see Claudia is such ermmm… pretty pics? *chokes*

I love the MUA who did today’s magic on my face! He’s very nice and gentle and he’s very friendly too! If you’re looking for MUA with magical hands, I can past you his contact.

Oh! And yes! I camwhored with my Canon 7D today! Wahahahahaha!!!

Would have taken more shots if I could! But the 7D is brand new and there’s no juice in the battery. Wonder when will be the next glory day for me pretty face. LOL!

Come find me at SMU Campus Green this Saturday from 4pm to 6pm! I’ll be shooting people with my 7D~~~! Come and be shot by me ok? See you at #TweetMeetSG!