I laughed when I was told about this opportunity. Me? In SHAPE magazine? My perception of the magazine is where the slim, healthy and sunshine-type of women are featured. The monthly cover with perfect body female in bikini makes the pear-shaped body me feels motivated to want to slim off and be like the cover girl. After multiple attempts, many of us gave up. Some things are better left the way it is. Staying healthy is more important than having a to-die-for-figure. (Self-reassurance speaking)

The 3-page story, written by Esther, shares the story behind seven women whom SHAPE admires. I was labelled as the Entrepreneur, a young boss and one who embraces work-live balance. Well, all three relatively true in some ways. But I’ve to admit, it’s not 100% all the time, especially the work-life balance portion. In such hectic and fast paced reality, and still much in the infancy stage of the business, my team and I take every project we have very seriously and put in all we can to ensure it’s success. We are more than grateful if we can have a peaceful weekend to rest!

So, if you have not read the article about these seven women, go get yourself a copy. Might post up snapshot of my portion later in August.

Aside: @nadnut spotted me and tweeted my pic. And @jerricklim and @nanyate tweeted that I’m hot! I blushed. But personally, I prefer the camwhored photos with my 7D that day.