I’m guilty for allowing myself to be consumed by my career. Guilty for allowing myself to think of nothing else but pitch, follow-up, tasklists, milestones, emails to reply and the list goes on… but nothing in there belongs to my love ones nor myself. (Except for the iPad, which then again, am buying because I need it to help improve my flow of work.)

I’m guilty for allowing myself to impart such workaholic mindset into my dedicated and committed team leaders Diana and Kris. Everyone one of us deserve a quality break after this crazy period. Promise! At least one week leave for each of us come September ok? Take turn of course!

I’m guilty for not spending enough time with Abang, who is going through pretty tough time now due to work and other commitments. But he has always been understanding, supportive and concern. Every man has his limit. Promise to spend more time with you to plan for our future ok?

I miss myself very much.