For once I avoided and prevented myself from thinking and touching anything related to work. I tried real hard. Cheated a little by taking down some notes that came to mind, other than that, I think I did pretty well to complete my first D.E.A.R.C. Weekend. (Drop Everything And Rest Claudia)

Just to have something to remind of myself how important it is to have regular D.E.A.R.C. days. So I’m jotting it down here.

Saturday started out with quite a rush, no thanks to the road redirection around City Hall. The traffic was total madness. The extra time we planned before the concert at Esplanade was wasted waiting in the car. So there was not lunch nor time to shop.

Finally reached City Hall around 2.10pm and met the ladies (photo above) from my other family to collect my present and gifts they brought back from Paris. I wonder when I’ll have the chance to travel to Paris too! Well, I’ll work hard now and save up for all these luxury holidays in the future.

Lyn was asking if I wanted to get any bags from Longchamp since its less expensive in Paris, but I think I ended up having no time to check out what was available so I gave the chance a miss. And also, I’m not that brand conscious lady. I love my MUJI. But still, I’m happy to own one of these Li Pliage from Longchamp. Thanks ladies!

This goes pretty well with the LV ring Diana bought me. Oh boy! I now need to find matching outfit to go with these! Those who know me know very well my sense of dressing! None matches even close to these! Well, mismatched is still a kind of style right? Ha!

The LV Ring from Diana

Back to the weekend… after a quick bite, we headed towards Esplanade to catch ABBA Cadabra.

Was expecting to spend most of the concert standing and moving to the beat, but sadly, just like what Kumar said in his talkshow, no matter how happening the song or concert is, Singaporeans dance in their heart and never on their feet. Sat throughout the concert with my feet itching to groove. Well, at least at the very last encore song, the performers managed to get everyone up on their feet and danced to Dancing Queen. So I did manage to get some dancing done inside Esplanade.

The day ended with sumptuous dinner at Pariss International Seafood Buffet. More on that in another post.

Then the next day, it was a day spent with our girl. Been more than one month since we last saw her. As usual, all the made-up reasons given were lame and full of excuses. Minmin said she misses us a lot! That made my heart ache. How can there be such heartless people in this world? Hope Min will grow up and make her own decision to stay with her father and me. We love to see her laugh and have fun with us.

Can’t wait for my next D.E.A.R.C. weekend. Most probably got to wait till September for this to happen! *sweat*