I’m starting to eat and shoot and blog about food again! Thrilled just thinking about the many yummy food I’ll be eating, shooting and sharing! Ohhh the feeling of shooting with DSLR is simply too divine!

Good Variety of Food

So the very first come-back food guide post is for Pariss International Seafood Buffet. It was my birthday so I decided to give myself a good treat! (With plenty of seafood!!!)

Dining at Pariss International, Marina Square

The most satisfying goodness at Pariss is the continuous flow of steaming hot crabs! Just when you thought there’s only one choice of crab, you get surprised by the next top-up! That night, I had three types of crabs and they all are delicious! I can say, they’re finger-sucking-good!

Creamy Pumpkin Crab

My favorite out of the three (this was a very tough decision as they all were great!) was the Creamy Pumpkin Crab. Loves the creamy texture filled with chopped pumpkins! I took my favorite part of the crab (the claws) and filled the bowl with lots of the creamy goodness. Just had to clean off the bowl till the very last drop!

Chili Crab

Then there’s the spicy chili crab! The sauce was oh-so-great too! If only I had unlimited space in my tummy for more of these! Dipped mini man tou in the chili gravy and just let the spiciness linger on your tongue! Man I’m drooling just recalling the taste!

Black Pepper Crab

The third variety was the Black Pepper Crab. Oh man! I love these too! Seriously, the three crabs are equally good! If you are fan of spicy crab, you must get these!

Fresh Oysters

I am not a fan of fresh oysters. And I didn’t touch any of these that day. But he did! He loves it! And raves that its better than those served at The Line! You got to go try it yourself to find out! According to him, the sweetness in these oysters is too hard to resists.

Fresh chilled seafood

These welcomes you the moment you stepped into Pariss. The colors, the freshness and the variety are just too hard to resists! The chef was replenishing these non-stop as they were cleared almost instantly! The prawns and crayfish and scallop! So fresh so delicious! All you need is some lemon to add some zest to it. Don’t waste it with any sauces!

Drunken Prawns

I can’t remember how many prawns I had man! So many options! If you like it with some alcohol punch, these drunken prawns are cooked for you. Don’t bring a plate to collect these. You’ll need a bowl to filled it with some goodness yip!

Sweetness Goodness

What other way to end such sumptuous buffet spread than some sweetness! Choice of desserts aplenty! Cakes, ice-cream, chocolate fondue, fresh fruits, jellies and hot desserts too. My stomach didn’t have much room for these. Had too much crabs lah!

Restaurant Decor

Dinner for two that night totaled $96.04. With the wide spread of delicious seafood and the fresh oysters, this is a value for money buffet choice! I’m tagging this as my to visit again place!

One more round next week for Mum’s birthday! *gulps*

Pariss International Seafood Buffet
6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square, #03-128A
Singapore 039594
Tel: 65-62586688