Looking at the renovated store makes me want to start shopping in there again! No! Make it working back in the store! Oh man! It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

Look at that cute door! Adorable!

Make-and-take aka demo counter

This used to be a mini cafe where they served sinfully delicious peanut butter milkshake. But now its a demo counter! I want to stand there to scrap!

Extended Shopping Space

The classrooms, now moved to #03-33, are converted to shopping space! Now 2x the space for 2x the pretty goodies! Made With Love is now also selling pretty and irresistibly cute stationaries. Girls be warned! It’s very very poisonous!

If you have not seen their new unit at #03-33, here’s the window display sometime back. Think it changes often too. So pretty right?

Display at #03-33, The Workshops

Photos credit to John.

Made With Love
Plaza Singapura, #03-21 and #03-33