After a year of being a lazy organiser (of my photos), I used iPhoto to organise all of my photos. And today, when I’m about to clear up some space from my MBP, I got reminded of why I used to hate using iPhoto!

For the past 4 years, all my photos were saved in the order I wanted. By year, month, date and name of event. This makes backing up and finding photos pretty easily and I was very used to it. Backing up these photos was just a simple drag and drop. In my backup harddisk, all these files are neatly viewable and organised.

Since I got the new iPhoto, where I’m able to group my photos by ‘Events’, I was delighted and ignored all naming conventions which I followed by so faithfully for the past 4 years. So now, this is what I get! *facepalm*

I cannot backup my photos like these man! Not sure how long its going to take for me to sort through 6 months worth of photos! Oh my!! Anyone got solution for this?

How do you handle your photos?