Caught these today and it really is upsetting. Is this commonly spotted at the Esplanade underpass? I know there will usually be group of people hanging around.

I don’t recall seeing any dustbin around, not sure why. If there were bins around, I wonder if this will still happen.

Whole group of students were having some orientation or sort at the Esplanade underpass. And the mess was spotted at another corner. These may be left there by other group of people. No matter who did it, its still very ugly! Aren’t we supposed to be a clean and green city?

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  1. The bins are taken away as a counter terrorism step implemented since some years ago. Such as bombs being inserted into it.

  2. mm ya I rem that bins-being-taken-away thing. I complained about it on my blog.

    Seriously… if the terrorists wanted they can put the bloody bomb anywhere. I think having some bins in the area might ease the littering problem.

    However when I was in NY… there were hardly any bins and they didn't have such problems.

  3. Sigh…. I totally agree with you about the littering problem we face in Singapore. I do have half a mind one day to photograph all the litter that I've seen everywhere and to put up a grand blog post on rubbish. Makes me want to consider rolling up my sleeves and starting a litter vigilante movement!

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