There’s always two sides, or at times, many sides of a story. News journalists are human, bloggers are human, everyone commenting, adding fumes, giving their piece of mind and all those reading are all human. To err is human.

I am human too. And has made many mistakes in my almost 30 years of life and still am.

There are those who blame the government for the lack of support to the needy and poor and instead spend millions on a worldwide event. There are those who blame the blogger who has worked so hard over the years to build up his followings and well maintained blog with just one side of the story. And there are many (including me) who will start blaming everyone and everything when something went wrong or not the way its was planned.

But we always forget to first blame ourselves for the action and words that was used. Worst still online. With no need to identify oneself, we tend to say words which we think we need not take responsible for. “Aiyah, just use some random name and no one will know its me…“. Enemies or haters may even use someone else’s name just so to flame that innocent soul.

Stop saying things you only know or see from one side of the three dimensional subject – our world is multi dimensional. Stop judging things unless you’ve dived deep enough to understand the whole picture. Stop complaining and start contributing positively. Complaining won’t make this world a better place.

You will.

This post got me recalling some books I saw long ago by Istvan Banyai. Zoom, Re-zoom and The Other Side.