A splendid performance for everyone! Had great fun that night, being surrounded by great talents from 16 countries. There were so many things to see, I wished I had an extra pair of eyes! Was almost a 10/10, but I’m giving it a 8.9/10. Find out why below the fold…

Seriously i can’t recall when was the last time I caught a live circus act! When we were young(er) I remember sitting inside a round tent watching acrobats and animals doing their stunt in the middle of the tent. That was my last impression of a circus. When the opportunity to watch one at Resort World Sentosa came knocking my door on my birthday, I couldn’t wait!

A resident show at RWS, Voyage de la Vie, a theatrical circus spectacular, is a show not to miss! Instead of sharing more about the show, I’m going to tell you about some of the people behind it. They are the stars of the show and should be given great applause for their professionalism and awesomeness!

My favorite from the show is the amazing Alexey Goloborodko from Russia. He’s the Game Master in the show and whenever he is around, my body muscles will have this weird feeling. Its amazing what he can do with his body! Alexey is a dancing contortionist and has been training since age of 5. He was one of the finalists in a TV contest in Russia – “Minute of Glory”.

He is much more amazing than he was from the video above! I will go back to watch the show because of him! Jaws dropping performance! And did I say he looks pretty cute too? Below a picture of him backstage…

Next my second favorite from the show is Liina Aunola. She plays Life from Scene 9 – The Circle of Life and Death. She makes my heart stopped a couple of times when she does her rope swing act from above the theater.

Another one of my favorite, which my eyes darted up and down his body in his final act, was The Lantern Keeper, played by Viktor Kee from Ukraine/USA. He’s a juggler with many awards at world’s major circus festivals. IMO, he’s a juggler with super hot bods! He appears in almost all the scene but only in the last scene when my eyes opened wide.

Tell me how not to pay attention to his amazing juggling act when he does it so beautifully in a skin tight nude costumes? *chuckles*

Hey! Someone is missing in the list! Oh yes! The promoted lead in the show Jonathan Leong, one of the finalists from Singapore Idol few years back. Well, I believe all those who had watched the show may agree with me that the show would still be awesome with or without him. Like before (and always), I could not figure out a single word he sang. The only words I caught throughout the performance was when he sang “…. Voyage de la Vie…”! So now you know why I didn’t give this awesome show a 10/10 ya? Well, the show still needs someone to play the main character in order to make a story out of it don’t they? The awesomeness of the entire circus performance makes up for the lack of understandable lyrics.

Voyage de la Vie is here to stay at Resort World Sentosa (i hope) and I would love to see new acts and more awesomeness in the show the next time I go catch it again!

Finally a group shot with some of the performers and the folks whom I had to pleasure to watch the show with.

If you’ve watched Voyage de la Vie and loves it as much as I do, Like them on Facebook and perhaps write a review too?

Ticketing details available on SISTIC
Priced at S$188, S$128, S$108, S$88, S$68 and S$48
Official Website: Voyage de la Vie

Was seated at Cat 3 seats (S$108) and the view was great! Would recommend getting the seats from Row P onwards in order to see everything in action. TIPS: Too near to stage will give you stiff neck from turning around too much.

Updates: I’ve received emails and calls from readers and friends asking which seats they should get for the show. So I marked out some seats where I will purchase for the next time I watch the show. However, decision is yours, this recommendation is for you consideration only.