After months of non-happening-nor-party-life, finally I broke the chain! My feet got to stamped my feet and throw my hands in the air and screammmmmmmmm!!! The feeling was great for the first 5-minutes, and then the aging me stepped in. I realised I could no long party all night like I used to! This is sad.

Bro + Me + Smirnoff (Photo credit to Leshane)

It was Midnight Shift‘s First Anniversary Party and the crowd, music and atmosphere that night was fantastic! The place was cosy and nice, the only complain I have is the carpeted floor was sticky! I thought it was just me, but I triple checked with my bro and Leshane whom all agreed that the floor was sticky. Someone cracked a joke saying that its to prevent us from slipping when one is high on alcohol!

One thing that I enjoyed most that night was the super drummer! She was goooood! Yes! It’s a she! I was shocked too when I saw her after hearing her performance. Fantastic I tell you! Found out that her name’s Serena.

With fellow bloggers, Walter, James and Kris at the party. (Photo credit to Leshane) And I look cui loh! I NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT MY HAIR!!!

Xhin! I’ve many new mixes to download! Woohooo!

You can too party like this if you own the right card! Citi Clear Platinum is one that’s fit for a party animal like me couple years ago! That’s why I applied for this card! So that I can jump the queue at dblO (during those days).

  • Citi Clear Platinum card lets you enjoy 5X Rewards at Nightspots, Cinemas, Cafes, Book & Music stores.
  • Enjoy 1-for-1 drinks, free/priority entry at popular hotspots like Zouk, Helipad, Timbre and more!
  • Get invited to swankiest parties and exclusive events like this great party with Midnight Shift!

Find out more about Citi Clear Platinum card here

I’ve got my Citi Clear Platinum card for almost 4 years now, and I must admit I’ve not been making fullest use of its privileges! Things should slowly change from now on! Hope to see you at the next parteh!!!

Disclaimer: Citibank is a client of 24seven and I was there as VIP thanks to them. + I owned Citibank Credit Cards since years ago.