My first taste of Honeymoon Desserts (满记甜品) was in 2006 in Hongkong. When we saw the familiar yellow square bowl and the bookshelf wallpaper from the second level, we knew they’re the same one from Hongkong! To savor the taste we had 4 years ago, we went in and try it.

The verdict? Its same same but different…

Sweet Ball with Peanuts, $3.50
Glutinous ball was bouncy and nicely textured. Peanuts chopped and mixed with sesame and (if I’m not wrong) coconut too. Quite like it but will never be able to finish this on my own. Two sweet balls are just nice.

Sesame Soup & Walnut Soup, $3.00
I’d hope the texture was thick as sesame paste and peanut paste (or close enough). But this, as its named, a soup. Would have love it more if there was at least some texture or thickness in it.

The above were not the same desserts I had in HK 4 years back. I can vaguely recall the taste from back then. But I remember I had enjoyed the desserts back then. This time round, it seemed like its lacking of the feel. Perhaps due to the vacation mood while we were in HK which made everything more enjoyable and good. Oh man! I miss Hongkong!

Honeymoon Desserts – 满记甜品
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-93 VivoCity
Singapore 098585