The title reminded me of him. The opening reminded me to remember what he has done when he was around. By the sixth minute, I couldn’t hold back anymore. It was an emotional short film.

I believe when he departed, he had us in his mind and remembered the good times we shared. I believe he hasn’t suffered from dementia.

Relieved that my Ah Ma is still actively involved around the house. Maybe I should teach her how to Facebook, so she can view the photos from our family activities! Maybe I should ask her children to buy an iPad for her birthday! (Godma you’re reading this right? *hint*) Got to keep Ah Ma’s mind active and encourage her to take up new hobby! Please go read about dementia and help the elderly in your family.

Ah Kong is a new short film written and directed by Royston Tan and presented by the Health Promotion Board.

I miss Gonggong.