I stared on my “Add New Post” page for 20mins not knowing what to write. Then I switched tab to Twitter and THERE! A post waiting to be shared! So here goes! WARNING! Not for the faint-hearted! Cause there are THREE AWESOME BAGS to be won!

All the above three bags are waiting for their owner! Just need to complete one of the three tasks Bagaholicboy has set and you’ll be on your way to win them all! More details over at Bagaholicboy Giveaway #33-3.

How will I use these awesome bags if I win them?

Loewe Ala Tote will fit so perfectly for my appointments and meetings. When I’m tired, I can fonder the softness and hug it while I travel my way to the next appointment. Instant recharge!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Saddlery Perfect Purse will be my weekend bag. Just nice for the necessities.

Mulberry + Target Patent Denim Satchel, hmm… this will be my casual meetings or date with girlfriends kinda bag.

I shall continue to dream dream dream… join me with this sweet sweet dream! Give the giveaway a try!

Will be donating to Cat Welfare Society too. Also doing a good deed to help Yuniko‘s friends.