He likes to chew on bones.
I like to bite on the fleshy meat.
Both of us are match made in heaven isn’t it?

When we eat at Fish & Co, our order for the meal is almost standard. At times, we may take the seafood platter, but most of the time, our combi are as follow…

Fried Calamari aka Sotong
Over the years, the calamari rings get bigger and so does the crispiness of this dish. I like my sotong to be crunchy instead of chewy. That’s how these fried sotong tasted. I is sad whenever I see my sotong served like that.

Swordfish Collar
We both love the fragrant and crispy battered skin. Then I’ll clear most of the fleshy meat, and he’ll continue with chewing the bones. We love this a lot! Sometime when the chef overcook it, it may end up tasting like KFC crispy chicken! -_-”

Lemon & Butter Mussels
We love the old one better. This new serving of the mussels kinda lose the punch in the sauce and though the mussels were much more as compared to the previous version, it kinda lack the freshness and taste. May think twice the next time before we order this. Hope Fish & Co bring back the old recipe.