If there can only be one movie I get to catch this year, it’ll be The Social Network. Having live, breathe, eat and sleep on Facebook these years, and as a struggling entrepreneur, I can so relate to the movie! It was 120 minutes of a great lesson and enjoyment for me. Would have enjoyed it even more if I hadn’t drank that much water before the show and having the urge rush through me at the last 30 minutes. (You know what I mean!) Glad I’m going for Round 2! I’m addicted to The Social Network! Its like a ride on a roller-coaster.

I would like to quote David Fincher, Director of The Social Network, from his Q&A I got from the press kit.

You grow something, and your job is to grow it well and to make sure it gets enhanced and to take care of it. That’s the subject of the movie. And if you have to hurt people’s feelings in order to protect that thing, that’s what you have to do. It’s a responsibility.

This is the thing that I feel is my handicap – hurting people’s feelings. Looks like I need to learn to protect that thing that matters most. Cannot please everyone.

One more quote from Aaron Sorkin, Screenplay of the movie. When asked if the movie is ultimately saying that having the idea – the vision – trumps everything? He said…

I think it’s the opposite of that. I believe that execution trumps everything else. People have ideas or what they think are ideas all the time. You can say, for instance, I’m going to write a movie about Facebook. That’s not the same as doing it.

How true!! So people, get down to executing your ideas! Ideas will forever be just ideas if nothing is done about it. Don’t hesitate. You never know perhaps, your idea is that million dollar idea!

The Social Network opens in cinema on 28 October 2009. Go watch it and tell me what you think.

Now where’s my billion dollar idea! I want to own an office that’s WOW like that!

Holy shit! I just found out that the “Winkles-wolfs” guys were played by the same actor! No wonder I was scratching my head why something they look alike but something they don’t!

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