We believe, we were meant to be. And it’s been 7 lovely years with more to come as we move on to the next stage of our life on 26 Nov 2011. Knowing the craziness to happen come November next year, I planned to have a lovely celebration for us, for the last time in our singlehood. This time next year, we’ll have to start getting used to circling the “Married” option on forms and introducing us as husband and wife. Need time to get used to that!

Being the practical and budget couple, very rare we splurge on a fancy dinner. Trust me, I can count the number of times with my fingers! So a romantic dinner was planned at House @ Dempsey. First for us to have dinner at Dempsey. He loves the decor at House, but the food was alright. Favourite were the DIY skinny pizza and truffle fries (Clifford’s fries were better though).

Just a quiet night alone. Only for couple hours, but I like it how its just us.

Happy 7th Year Anniversary Abang! MUACK!