Eat. Shoot. Love.

The show is beautiful. Its refreshing and I’m going to do it! Not for a year to exotic places like in the show. Not that I’ll have the money nor courage to. But I am going to do it. Not alone. But with the man I love.

Everyday we wake up to this battle we fight to survive. We eat, work, sleep and sometime (once in a blue moon) gets some love. We face our low and very low. But each time we fight harder and we get stronger. (“Ruined is the beginning of transformation…“) But we forget ourselves. Who we are and what we want in our lives.

I was taught before to always take care of our PIES – Physical, Intellectual, Emotion and Spiritual self. All through my almost 30 years of life, I’ve never done either of these 100%. Never possible.

Few days come December, I’m going to try to do it, at least the PIE. No planning, no schedule, no INTERNET (very important!) and no thinking of work. I’m going to fly away with my love, and enjoy ourselves. I wished for longer getaways, but the battle we fight waits for no one. It just has to go on. Hiding it or running away from it for a couple of days is surely possibly.

We’re going to Eat. Shoot. Love.

And when we’re back? It’ll be Eat. Work. and more Work. Then of course, there’s the wedding to plan.