One day, I woke up and decided I shall have Sashimi for lunch. Instead, I had Sashimi for both lunch and dinner! It was a day of Sashimi Overload! Still failed to find fresher and juicier sashimi than those I had at Standing Sushi Bar at 8 Queen Street.

First stop was at Standing Sushi Bar at 1 Raffles Place, their first outlet. Though its still good, but I felt that the salmon sashimi was not as great as compared to those I had at 8Q. Perhaps its the quality of shipment that day? Still it was a good lunch, standing. :P

Sushi & Salmon Set Lunch
Sushi & Salmon Set Lunch, $16.80++

Not just your usual plain miso soup. I cleared the bowl.

See the difference between this and those I had at 8Q?
The Sushi Platter
Standing Sushi Bar at 1 Raffles Place

Standing Sushi Bar

1 Raffles Place #B1-02B
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Dinner that day was at this new Japanese Restaurant at Plaza Singapura. Boy it sure changed a lot since I last went! That place used to be my daily hangout but now I seldom step foot in there. Things will change though, thanks to a monthly meeting I’ll be having from now on, I’ll get to go more often! ^_^

Sushi Bar at Itacho Sushi
Confusing order sheets

Took me sometime to figure out how these order sheets work! Kinda wasting paper imo. Would be less confusing and more environmental friendly if they could just take our orders instead. If you’re wondering how the ordering sheets work, note the numbers on the top left corner? If you’re ordering dish #110, take the “1-2” sheet in white. If you’re ordering dish #1120, take the “11-14” sheet in blue and so on. Confusing right? Haiz…

The table setup

Salmon ($3.60) and Octopus Sashimi ($3.60)

What you see above is two portion of Salmon Sashimi and one portion of Octopus Sashimi. Each portion has 3 slices.

Scallop Sashimi ($6.00)

Whole Sea Eel Sushi ($6.00)

This was on the promotion menu. Not sure what’s the usual price. First tried whole sea eel at Standing Sushi Bar, not sure if the eel is of the same type, this one the meat is a little tougher and not possible to eat in a single bite. Had to break up the parts to eat it. Not as shiok like that. One mouth one piece is the best! *yum!*

Crab Stick Sushi ($1.20)

The mayo on top spoilt it. Next time order it without the mayo.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t just sashimi overloaded that day! It was tamago overloaded too! Three types of roasted eggs during dinner! I’ll go back to Itacho Sushi just for these! Love them chilled!

Roasted Egg w/ Tobiko and Corn ($3.20)
Roasted Egg w/ Seaweed and Crab ($3.60)
Roasted Egg w/ Shrimp ($3.80)

Overall it was quite a good dinner at Itacho Sushi. There’s a private room in there that fits 16pax. Can consider for future gatherings/ events. Yes, I’m always on the look out for ideal space for events! Work’s inbuilt into my mind 24seven.

Itacho Sushi

Plaza Singapura #02-35
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