2010 is wrapping up nicely and 2011 is here soon! What better way to close the year with a giveaway here at Claudia the Panda! (That name btw is due to be changed come 2011!)

If you’re following me on Twitter or, the recent addiction of mine, instagram, you may have seen the loot of Daycraft notebooks and dairies I got from Hong Kong! I’m giving all of them away! I’m crazy over notebooks and pretty stationary, but I can’t possible use all of them myself! So I’m sharing! Love me don’t you? :P

To win yours, scroll to the bottom of this post for instructions. Alternative, find out more about these lovely notebooks first. Read along…

Daycraft diaries, notebooks and planners are designed in Hong Kong.

Every year Daycraft releases two new Daycraft collections, one for corporate users, the other with a broader appeal. Each Daycraft diary is produced to the highest standards of quality. Their goal is to bring you even more innovative, practical and attractive diary and planner products.

There are two types of notebooks I’m giving away. First the dairies which comes with daily and monthly planning space. Great for everyday to-do lists, appointments or keeping track of daily expenses! The other type is the lined notebooks for jotting down ideas or lecture notes.

Here are the ones I’m giving away this week!

#1: 2011 Dairy - Make My Day, with red cloth finish
#2: 2011 Signature Pocket Dairy, Pink
#3: Vogue 2011 dairy in black

To win yours, please fill up the form below and indicate which dairy you would like to win. 3 winners will receive the dairy via mail. Giveaway ends 3 January 2011. Winner will receive dairy by 10 Jan 2011. Don’t wait, quick tell me which one you want to win!

Thank You for your participation! Giveaway is over!

Congrats to the 3 winners! Your lovely prize will be sent to you this week! Have a great 2011!

Daycraft #1 goes to Tony Ng
Daycraft #2 goes to Elaine Cheong
Daycraft #3 goes to Diana Lim

These lovely dairies are available in Singapore too! You can find them at Harris and other shops. Get the full list here.