The title kinda sum up my sentiments for The Arena Spectacular. I’m amazed and wowed by the engineering and design that went into producing the show, but the show and story itself was alright only. Before watching it, I was told it’ll be like watching a National Geographic show on dinosaurs and expect little actions nor blood. But when I’m finally in the National Indoor Stadium, seated in a Cat 3 ($78/ticket) area on an uncomfortable chair, I was rather disappointed.

Walking With Dinosaurs
Using miniature effect of Sol, trying to make Dino look bigger

First by the long wait (10minutes) for the show which was supposed to start at 8pm. Then despite being reminded twice over the public announcement system, “Flash photography is strictly NOT allowed during the show”, flashes of all sizes and power came on the moment the first dinosaur appeared. We were pissed. The lady behind us were scolding all the flashing photographers stupid and cursing that their photos will turn out black, which we knew would most probably end up looking. Who in the right mind uses a point-and-shoot with inbuilt flash while trying to shoot from like 5m away from the subject in a 90% dark huge hall?

The above boo-boos were audience created. So back to the show proper. Well, when the title was set as “Walking with Dinosaurs” I should have read it literally and understand that its WALKING with dinosaurs. Guess I was setting too high a hope for the show. Besides the few moments of action between dinosaurs at each scene, which somehow look like two dinosaurs doing cha-cha after seeing them in action the third time, the remaining of the supposing “1hr 40min” show were dinosaurs sashaying around the arena trying to be fierce or gracious.

On the ticketing page, the show duration stated was about 1hr 40min. Recalling my experience, I was seated by 8pm, show finally commenced at approx 8.10pm, then a almost 25min interval at about 8.40pm, and I was out of the stadium by 9.40pm. Did I fail my math or something’s misleading on the page? You go do your own calculation.

Walking with Dinosaurs
T-Rex and baby

Overall, I still must comment that the whole concept and setup was great. Oh! And the Baby T-rex kinda saved the show with him trying to imitate his mother’s roar. It cracked the hell out of the audience. I tried to make myself feel good about the show by appreciating the finer and beautiful side of the show, like this scene…

And I think my montage of the few short clips I captured from my Sol during the show saved a pretty decent memory to share. Enjoy!