What an experience it had been at my debute appearance at ZoukOut! *coughs* Sounds as if I was there to DJ or perform! Ha! I spent more time walking from one entrance to the next than dancing on the sand (which I didn’t quite enjoy). Sand and Claudia just doesn’t gel well together you see.

The night was short and sweet for me. My body was aching and screaming for attention even before midnight. It was still an eye opener for this mountain tortoise who’ve never stepped into ZoukOut for the past 9 years. When I finally get to step into one, its already their 10th anniversary! Can’t believe the Mambo Queen in me waited 10 years to realised how much I’d missed out on. And now I’m just too old to boogie much. Boo!

At my first ZoukOut, of course I got to milk as much as I could and ended up experiencing it with Citibank and popped by Heineken tent too and got a cool fan which you can read text off while its spinning. Cool to look at but doesn’t keep me cool. If you can’t imagine how the fan looks like, here’s a video of the spinning fan.

Since I was there partially for work, I spent more time walking back and forth along the long stretch of beach from the first entrance to the actual ZoukOut entrance which I think was about 200-300m? Damn shagged I tell you! But seeing all the party goers waiting helplessly in the queue was even more tiring. They would have been able to get in through the priority queue if they had a Citi Clear Platinum Card loh!

The three dance zones were all packed with dancing and jumping people at about 10.30pm. This was the first time I see so many dancing at such early hours! Thanks to the happening people, I got to do a little boggie at the Mambo tent for about 20 minutes before I surrendered and left.

Since I’m hooked to the simplicity of creating a trailer with iMovie’11, here’s one I compiled for my debute appearance at ZoukOut! :P

Hope Citibank keeps their Facebook Page updated with news like this so we the card holders can milked as much out of our credit cards!


  1. I bought my tickets to ZoukOut at Sistic with my Citi Clear Platinum Card and got 10% discount
  2. I attended ZoukOut for the first time, and was there to work
  3. Citibank is a client of 24seven where I’m working at