After going through two years of N.E.mation, my blood is still pumping with adrenaline comes voting phase! All 10 finalists spent great amount of time, put in lots of effort, perseverance and determination into their work. And now its time for judges and you to decide who wins the trip to DreamWorks USA!

Having watched the 10 clips, I’ve to say the competition gets tougher each year! Its even worst for me to decide who to vote as I’ve seen all 10 teams put in all their best into the production. If I run the mint, I would let all 10 teams fly to DreamWorks! They all deserve it! (Dream on Claudia!)

Help decide who wins! Your votes matter! 50% of the total score is from public voting. And from last year’s experience, it can totally change the faith of the teams! Four ways to vote for your favorite clips this year. Oh! And you stand a chance to win prizes too if the clip you voted wins! Pick your favorite clips wisely ok!

Home – We Make or Break.

Vote for your favorite 3 animation clips for N.E.mation! 5 and stand a chance to win attractive prizes. Voting ends 6 Feb 2011.

The company I’m working at, 24seven, is working on the digital campaigns for N.E.mation! This post is not paid for and is posted on my own will. I simply love the competition too much! These students deserve our support lah!