Relive 127 hours of Aron Ralston‘s life at the Canyonlands National Park of Utah in 94 minutes. If you’ve watched the trailer on Youtube, which I did some months ago, I got pretty excited about the movie. The cinematography seems great and the scenery at Canyonlands was spectacular! One place where I do not see myself venturing to though. (I’m not a mountain person you see.)

127 Hours

Based on a true story of Aron Ralston (played by James Franco) who is a mountain climber and public speaker from U.S. He gained famous when he was forced to amputate his part of his left arm while he was trapped in an isolated canyon at Canyonlands. 127 Hours shows the pain he suffered and thoughts in his mind while he was trapped.

If you think the trailer above is what the show is going to be like, sunny, exciting, fun and all, then you’re so wrong! And no! Its unlike Tom Hanks’ Cast Away movie. Expect a torturous and mind fucked time after James fall into the canyon! I felt rather depressed after watching it. Imagine being trapped for 127 hours! No joke!

I’m running out of movie titles to watch! Any good recommendations for me? Wish I can watch movie, write about them and get paid! Ha! Life will be so shiok don’t you think so?