Remember when you were younger, when your parents buy new clothes, new shoes, new undies and new bags for Chinese New Year (CNY)? Seeing them all around you but can’t wear nor use them can be rather torturous right?

I felt that way too! And I still am trying to keep to the tradition. Though some items just can’t be left untouched for too long. Like my new Kate Spade bag I bought for CNY, I already used it once! Blame myself for having it delivered to me so early!

To lessen the agony of seeing all these new things at home but not using it, I delay my CNY shopping or I buy but don’t wash it so that I can’t wear it! Ha! Smart right?

Do you still wear everything new during CNY? Or have you grown out of it and just treat it like any other day?

This year is my last year in the collection line during CNY. Of course I would like to milk as much as I can! Wahahahaha! Next year I’ll be joining the giving out line, and hopefully we’ll have a small us in the collection line by then too. :P

So which line are you at now? Jumping line anytime soon?