Imagine having a partner strictly for sex and nothing else, that I believe is a fantasy to many of us. Don’t deny! You know you want it! Who doesn’t like sex? Its not a dirty or R rated thing that the society has somehow make sex to appear to be. Sex is a natural event that happens between two physical being who both have needs to meet. Of course, ideally it’s to do it only with the person whom you love truly and passionately.

But between Emmaa and Adam, things started out to be somehow a fantasy. Two sexy individual getting together just for the pleasure and passion of sex. Just sex, no love, no talking no relationship.

No Strings Attached

Played by Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, No Strings Attached is a love comedy between two friends with benefits. Yes, sex lah! What else!

Emmaa is a very busy doctor that has no time nor energy for a committed relationship, but being woman, we do have our needs. So when things get hot with her long time best friend, she thought she’d found the solution and decides to make a deal with Adam. But things get kinda complex when Adam starts having feeling for Emmaa.

A great movie to catch this Valentine’s day! Go book those tickets and catch it with your lover or friend.