I scrolled through my recent posts and realised this blog of mine is getting lesser and lesser attention from myself and very sadly, its getting even less personal than before.

There are so many life changing things happening this year but I’m not able to share them out loud here. Its sad but somethings are better left private. Even had to change my Facebook security settings to ensure things that are not to be public remains hidden.

Wish my life was simpler. But I’m living it to the fullest I’m sure!

If you’re trying to dig anything from here about my present and future life, I’m sorry you won’t be getting much of it. This will become the public domain where I share things I come across occasionally that interests me or may interests you.

Please don’t stop visiting. There’s always the giveaway and once-in-a-blue-moon surprises in here. I promise.

In another news, have you seen Rediscover Singapore? Its so cool I’m so in love with it! Many exciting things rolling out there soon! I love my crew!